Not all canvas prints are the same!

Poor quality printing

Cheap ink and canvas produces cheap prints. They might look good for a while, but pretty soon they’re going to look faded and tired. This example shows what can happen to your image when you put low cost over quality.

In this example, it took the sun just two years to destroy the print. When it comes to your beloved photos, you want to be sure that you’ll be able to enjoy your print for many years to come. This is where we can help, because our prints are guaranteed to last at least 55 years.

To understand what makes us different, you can check out the materials and equipment we use below and see why our canvas prints really are in a class of their own.

Our printer: The Epson 9880 wide format printer

Epson are well known for producing some of the world’s best printing technology, and this piece of equipment is no exception. The 9880 represents an evolution in printing equipment, using eight colour ink technology to produce an exceptional full colour result of uncompromising quality.

The results are fine quality archival prints, with amazing colours, scratch resistance and a stunning level of detail, outperforming the results produced by any other printer on the market today. Epson believe this is the finest quality print technology available today, and we tend to agree.

Our inks: The Epson UltraChrome K3 Inks

The Epson UltraChrome K3 Inks represent the standard by which all other printing inks are judged. These work in layers using 8 different colours, for a deeper, truer colour match, and an image that will last a lifetime. The breakthrough high gloss Microcrystalline Encapsulation Technology used in these inks gives a reduced gloss differential, and a scratch resistant finish to the print.

Three levels of black ink mean the printers grey balance is improved, and colour casts are eliminated. This means both colour and black and white prints display impressive midtones and a smoother range, for lifelike finishes and gorgeous colour balance. Designed to work with the 9880 printer, these really are the very best inks available today.

Our canvas: The Crystalline Satin Canvas

Our Crystalline Satin Canvas does not contain any optical brightening agents (OBA’s), which are designed to artificially brighten the print and are typically found in cheap canvasses. Over time, and due to sun exposure, these OBA’s can break down and cause your print to fade, to yellow and discolour.

Our Crystalline Satin Canvas is a 440gsm inkjet canvas, which delivers industry leading contrast, colours and finish. It is designed for professional printing, and has a subtle gloss level which adds depth, density and vibrancy to your image, whilst still maintaining minimal glare and reflection. This canvas has been professionally fade tested to ensure it will last for over 55 years without any fade or discolouration.

Because our canvas is heavy at 440 gsm, this means we can stretch it to greater tensions without the risk of any warp or sagging. It meets with the archival standards set out by the UK Fine Art Trade Guild, so you can be confident you’re getting something that really delivers the best.

Our stretcher bars: 38mm Premium quality pine

We choose to use premium quality pine stretcher bars which are made in Europe from European Redwood pine trees. Cheaper bars may come from China, and are probably made from less robust firs or soft woods, which are almost certain to warp over time and feel rougher, lower quality to the touch.

Our bars are finger jointed for strength, are all knot free and are responsibly soured by an FSC accredited manufacturer. We use wooden wedges in the corners of our bars, which flex with the frame unlike their plastic contemporaries, causing them to fall our or become misaligned over time.

The end result is a frame that is strong, straight and designed to last a lifetime. Because we only use the highest quality stretcher bars, you can be sure that your picture will hang perfectly flat against your wall for many years to come.

Your confidence: Delivered as standard

With the combination of our exceptional quality bars, printer, canvas and inks along with the expertise and passion of Sergiy himself, you really couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to ordering a beautiful canvas print. We can assure you that your confidence in our service will not be misplaced, and that you’ll be over the moon with the finished result.

Our service is all about quality too, which is why our ordering process is as simple as one, two, three. Simply upload your image using our online tool, choose the size of canvas you would like printed, and add any effects you would like to use to improve the finished result. Sergiy will personally confirm your order, and if you have any questions, you can get in touch with him directly to get them resolved.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking for a printer who can really do justice to your beautiful images, or an amateur looking to create a unique artwork for your home, Photomaster are the company you can trust. Contact us now for a free quotation, or click the button to upload your image and get your print started right away.

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